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Window Essentials: Set of Free Essential Software from Microsoft

Window Essentials constitute few software which are at it for the work. It constitute important software free of cost - Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, Messenger, Mail, Live Writer, MS SkyDrive, and Family Safety. Window Essentials are not much advertised so many people do not know. As soon as you… (Continue)

Now, I Wish to pay for Free Software I am using Regularly

I wish to pay for few software or applications I am using regularly. These software companies can start with very little amount so that it is easier to pay. It should not be costly like Microsoft software. Lets start with USD 2 to 5. After all I am not paying… (Continue)

Experience Kindle for free from your Laptop/Desktop

Want to experience Kindle (Software) by Amazon without purchasing Kindle (hardware) from Amazon! You can download Kindle for PC from Amazon. It will provide kindle software which you can use to read ebook, purchase ebook made for kindle and others. Though only lightweight hardware can give you joy and real… (Continue)

Translate and Text-to-Speech Hindi Tool by Google

Google has launched text-to-speech for Hindi language. You know that Google already has a translation tool for many languages including Hindi Language! Now, Google has added one more advanced feature that is Text-To-Speech. And of course it is free of cost. You do not need to be on your computer… (Continue)

Fast Load JavaScript and CSS Files

Want to decrease response time of your webpages? Decreasing the size of JavaScript and CSS files is one of the techniques used for better performance of websites. Yahoo Compression tool for JavaScript and CSS is excellent tool for minifying JavaScript and CSS files. It can achieve over 20% compression. I… (Continue)