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Google Webmaster Site Performance

Google has a webmasters site where you can see many information about your site. Important metrics are search queries, crawl errors, sitemap information, and keywords. There are many other information you can find there. Just register your site and everything will be available once you visit there. Google will collect… (Continue)

Implementing Amazon CloudFront

I am checking Amazon's cloudFront. It is faster than the Amazon S3 for obvious reason. For this to use I need to better revert back all files from Amazon S3 to my own domain so that I can utilize unlimited storage space on my server with fast speed of Amazon… (Continue)

Optimized Images at your Desktop in just Two clicks

You can get all background images and other images, you are using on multiple pages, on your website get optimized in two clicks. You will find it at your desktop. Image optimization is very important for your page loading time and speed of your site. It saves valuable bandwidth also… (Continue)

Google’s Website Performance tool – Page-Speed

Google has introduced website optimization tool, which is like yahoo's yslow. Like Yslow, page-speed also use Firebug as a platform. So, before installing page-speed, install Mozilla Firebug Add-on on your system. It is simple to use and understand. It comes with ready and easy to use help guide. Page-speed can… (Continue)

Increase Ubuntu Performance

Ubuntu is already fast but it can be faster. I felt it is not so fast or good in gui when I installed ubuntu on my grand old PC. It was not refreshing the screen properly on mouse movement. and another very bad thing was Firefox title bar was not… (Continue)