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Evolution/History of XML

Here is a very short story about history and evolution of XML. A kind of markup language was in use in publishing industry long before the formal markup we know these days. The text that needs to be marked as bold on paper was marked as 'B', so that that… (Continue)

Fight between WHATWG and W3C; Fight for HTML5 Specification

Very good discussion posted by Stephen Shankland about new HTML specification (HTML5), W3C, WHATWG and few very important persons involved in development of new specification for HTML5. I have found the post very interesting and useful for all those who are related to web development. He discussed about state of… (Continue)

CSS for Print Media for your Web Site

All blogger spend time making his blog beautiful. Blogger want to style his blog or web site by selecting right template for his blog. For WordPress user, there are plenty of themes available free of cost and premium ones also. After selecting a very good, suitable for his content template,… (Continue)

Writing Clean and Maintainable Code

Just few quick and simple points for writing clean and maintainable code that come to my mind. There can be many points added to it but I thought to publish whatever is just coming into my mind. I will try to add more points for clean, maintainable code and coding… (Continue)