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Sadly Old Internet Explorer is Still Alive

I was working on the theme of this blog which I designed. It was my way to know more about WordPress. I needed to know which Web Browser version visitors are using so that I can target for it. I saw still many people are visiting using old Internet Explorer.… (Continue)

Most Common Desktop/Laptop and Mobile Screen Resolution Worldwide

Here is most commonly used monitor resolution worldwide by statcounter. Most used Desktop/PC/Laptop monitor resolution is 1366*768. 2nd most used resolution is that old one 1024*768. Yes, it is still relevant. I think those who are into web development may remember it for sure! For this Web Scripting blog, most… (Continue)

Blog Web Scripting’s Vital Stats

Time has come again for vital stats about the blog "Web Scripting -  A web development blog". I have taken snapshots from Google Analytics tool. I will present monthly visitors, OS wise share of visitors to this blog, Web Browsers share of visitors to this blog and new in the… (Continue)

Blog Stats

Update (Sept, 2010): Vistiors stats, Sept 2010 It is a statistics about one month from Google Analytics. Click on the image to see larger version of image. Stats directly from awstats:… (Continue)

Web Browser Usage Comparison – Feb/March 2010

Here are some stats about browser usages by visitors on my blog (Web Scripting). Data and graph presents are from my cPanel application Awstats and Google Analytics. Here is a Browser Usage stats from March 1 to 6. Data taken from Google Analytics. Browser Usage March 1- 6 - Web… (Continue)