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Table Sorting in JavaScript

Here is code which is an extension of Client-side Table Sorting using JavaScript. This extension add few features to the table sorting code in javaScript. This code does not need to add event handler in HTML code. Using JavaScript itself, hander is getting added. Based on string in column, sorting… (Continue)

Image Swap with Text for Search Engine Optimization

This article is for CSS Image swap with text for SEO purpose. This article is also for the following reasons: I need to create a template kind of system on a page, so that new row can be added easily without any new consideration of the styling. All image was… (Continue)

Show Current Database in MySQL

How to know which database is in use currently? For using a particular database, MySQL has <code>Use </code> statement. After you execute USE statement, by default all the query will be executed against the database mentioned in USE statement. Use database_name; For using other database after this statement, you can… (Continue)

Table’s Width Fixing Hack

I wanted to increase the table size (width). The HTML template was being used by many reports. And my report was not coming into the default size of 100%. 100 percent was not the total screen size available to my report. Instead it was wrapped in a fixed width table.… (Continue)

Design Dynamically Generated Data for Excel Sheet

Many times you may have created excel sheet dynamically by server side script and you may have thought that for adding color and header etc. is possible only using spreadsheet software. This can be done by person who will use this generated sheet. You can add color and other designs… (Continue)

Client-side Table Sorting Using Javascript

What about the idea of giving the user power of sorting the table's column using JavaScript. User can sort any column of the table. I saw this facility from a software I was using. It was running very fast and smoothly. That web app was using JavaScript from another site.… (Continue)