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WordPress: Categories to Tags Conversion

I have to convert few categories to tags and put all those post which are holding the current categories, which are going to become tags, to new categories. We have facility in WordPress to convert categories to tags. You will find this link in Categories menu inside Post section. Please… (Continue)

WordPress: Adding Categories at the Page bottom (footer)

Using WordPress and filled all the spaces in sidebar and navigation with multiple widgets or text content, And finding no space for Categories! No worries, you have another place to add your blog categories. Add all categories at the bottom of the web site. Generally categories become so many in… (Continue)

Comparison between Tag and Category

For blogger, Category and Tag may create a doubt about which one to use and what is the meaning of each of them. It looks same from many angle. Usability Post » Categories vs Tags The answer is… it depends. It depends on what type of content you have and… (Continue)