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How to Write Smarty Plugin; Example smarty Plugin – Trim

Writing smarty plugin is very easy. It is just like writing a custom function for Smarty. Only work you need to do is to name it differently. The plugin name is of the pattern: function smarty_block_yourName($params, $content, &$smarty) {} After creating a function like the above, just drop the file… (Continue)

Solution to WordPress Blank Web Pages without error Display

Are you getting blank pages on WordPress without any error displaying on web browser? I got this error when I have deactivated the W3 Total Cache and with that removed subdomain used as cdn. Therefore, I have shifted all the media files to normal upload directly. In the process I… (Continue)

WordPress 3.0 Benefits: Custom Fields

Very recently, I have download the WordPress 3.0 and installed on my laptop and office PC also. Just after downloading, I thought about the new buzzwords going around for WordPress 3.0. and few points attracted my eye were these: - WordPress and WordPress MU have merged. This means we can… (Continue)

CSS for Print Media for your Web Site

All blogger spend time making his blog beautiful. Blogger want to style his blog or web site by selecting right template for his blog. For WordPress user, there are plenty of themes available free of cost and premium ones also. After selecting a very good, suitable for his content template,… (Continue)

Add Input Fields Dynamically to Form Using JavaScript

Here you will get working code for adding input fields dynamically using a link or button. Default number of input fields are provided and you want to give users a option to add more input elements then this script will work. Be it Input box field, Textarea or any other… (Continue)

WordPress SEO: Breadcrumb for each Post!

All of you may have already noticed that Google has started displaying breadcrumb in place of URL at the bottom of each search result. So, if you have breadcrumb for posts then that will visible to person searching for something and your page come in result page. Breadcrumb is displayed… (Continue)

Image Swap with Text for Search Engine Optimization

This article is for CSS Image swap with text for SEO purpose. This article is also for the following reasons: I need to create a template kind of system on a page, so that new row can be added easily without any new consideration of the styling. All image was… (Continue)

Template like Smarty is in trouble

Long before I learned the smarty I have the solution for separating my template/view from logic. How I do that? Simple! I write php code at the top and html at the bottom of the page. Sometimes when PHP code grows big then I have created new page for php… (Continue)

PHP Smarty Template

Here are the details of Template benefits, list of templates which are currently running, Installation and setup, and finally sample codes. Here I have also provided solutions for some of the common problems faced by a programmer when they start using smarty template or any template. Examples are divided in… (Continue)