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Magic of WordPress

WordPress is having magic hidden behind it. Few magics are related to <script> and <style> tags. Today I have tried both style and script tag. I was aware of problem in style or script but did not remember where it is. When I have entered <style> tag with some styles… (Continue)

Website Optimization using Data URI

Before thinking of optimizing website using data Uri, are you aware of Data URI? Data URI is a scheme using which allow including data inline on web page. For example image can be embedded in CSS or HTML file directly. Data URI format for embedding resource directly on page: data:[<MIME-type>][;charset=<encoding>][;base64],<data>… (Continue)

SEO terms: Cloaking and Doorway pages

I am introducing two new terms that comes in SEO. Cloaking is a term used when webmaster used different pages for Search engine and regular visitors. Doorway page is page optimized for a phrase useful for search engine and then redirect the users to a different page. The doorway page… (Continue)

Getting Visitors IP Address in PHP

There are plethora of variables which can hold the Visitor IP address. One such variable is $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]. REMOTE_ADDR looks more close to our task as it has 'remote' inside it. But this variable can hold the private LAN IP address of the client machine's server network and which is not… (Continue)

Permanent 301 Redirect, using HTML and PHP

Yes, its true. You can 301 redirect using META HTML tag according to Sebastian. He says, Yahoo and Google accept it as 301 redirect. Though, it must be least preferred method. Using server side script or Server redirect (apache) is preferred method. HTML 301 Permanent Redirect: <html> <head> <title> --Title… (Continue)

Hi5 Image Downloader

I had few images on Hi5 - a social networking site, I want to download. I had already deactivated the profile. I was not using it, but Thanks to Hi5,Hi5 has reactivated it. Only bad was that my name was search-able even after disabling it. I had few very important… (Continue)

Images in Gmail’s Email Body

Gmail does not allow directly to add insert images on email body. But there is a hack.If you want to insert images from online page then just copy that image. For copy image, right click, and click on View Image or View Background Image. Now, only a image will be… (Continue)

Get Data from Internet

We are munching data from various sources and we need a way to go this without programming knowledge. Perhaps keeping this in mind, Yahoo has introduced YQL (Yahoo Query Language). It is like SQL where we will issue command for the result. What is Yahoo Query Language? The Yahoo! Query… (Continue)

Google Reader adds “Send To” feature

Sharing has come to Google feed reader also. You can directlyshare whatever you are reading from feed reader. You may have noticed 'Send To' link at the bottom-right. Enjoy! Read for more: Google Reader adds “Send To” feature… (Continue)

Integrate another Email Account with Gmail Account

Integrating another email account with Gmail is quite easy and free. You can integrate another email account (office account, etc) with google and send the email from gmail as an another account. This can be useful for many reason. This can help you check your emails on various email account… (Continue)