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Increase Ubuntu Performance

Ubuntu is already fast but it can be faster. I felt it is not so fast or good in gui when I installed ubuntu on my grand old PC. It was not refreshing the screen properly on mouse movement. and another very bad thing was Firefox title bar was not… (Continue)

Table’s Width Fixing Hack

I wanted to increase the table size (width). The HTML template was being used by many reports. And my report was not coming into the default size of 100%. 100 percent was not the total screen size available to my report. Instead it was wrapped in a fixed width table.… (Continue)

Play with Unicode characters

Here are few links to convert Unicode characters to code point/Uri percent encoding/decimal NCR etc. 905 represent hex अ in Hindi: Get full details of each character at this site. This link will shows Unicode character "अ" detail. Convert any char to code point/numeric value: Need to use… (Continue)

Check And See Your Website/Blog Alexa Ranking Graph!

Cannot you see your website's Alexa ranking graph! and you want to see you Alexa ranking now! Here is your solution to see your Alexa ranking graph without any hiccup. J Hope your website have ranking on the Alexa. Even if you have low ranking ( < 100000) then also… (Continue)

PHP Output Buffering

Output buffering in PHP is useful in many cases. At many places it can be a handy tool. One example use of 'Output Buffering' is to stop the "header already sent" problem. It can help your user to get the response fast. It means decrease the waiting time for your… (Continue)

PHP Custom Error Handler

This is custom error handler in PHP. You can use your custom error handler for showing the error in you customized format, logging the error in a log file and for other reason. <?php //error handler function function customError($errno, $errstr, $fileName, $lineNo) { switch ($errno) { // fatal error. die… (Continue)

Customize your New Blogger’s (blogspot) Blog Title

You can customize your blogger's (blogspot) blog title the way you want. On the home page you will display your blog title and on other pages you can display page's title as of your post heading. <head><title><b:if cond='data:blog.url==data:blog.homepageUrl'><data:blog.pageTitle/><b:else/><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></b:if></title></head> The above code will display your Blog Name on home… (Continue)

Application Variable in PHP

Are you missing Application Variable in PHP. Many who comes from ASP will look for it. There is no application variable in PHP. PHP have only session variable. You need to do little extra work for application session variable in PHP. Application variable is used to pass information among different… (Continue)