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Few Command-Line Utilities for Windows 7

These few command line utilities are useful tools for Window users. These give power of Linux Operating system without booting to separate Linux System. Clink - Bring bash like features to Windows in cmd.exe. We can paste using ctrl+v, history search, word completion, and more. There are way to extend… (Continue)

ChromeDev Tools: Reverse Port Forwarding

Reverse Port Forwarding is fun in Mobile Web Development. It gives us access to localhost from Mobile and Tablet device. Is not this a fun? The only thing we need to do is to use four digit port number as 8080, 8081 etc. So, instead of http://localhost/index.php, now we need… (Continue)

Know the Link/Url Popularity Tool

Here is a tool to know the link popularity - This gives data about how many link share happened on various social sites. It get data for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Delicious.… (Continue)

Monitor Monthly Broadband Data Usage on Laptop and Desktop

Service provide many times cheat about broadband usage. In the monthly bill, it does not say much about your usage. It just you used this much on that day. Many times you may be surprised by the bill. So, why not keep track of data usage and see how much… (Continue)

Google’s Free DNS Benchmarking Utility

DNS Server is very important in Web Browsing or Internet Surfing. It is essential part of Internet. We need it every time we enter address in web browser. For example, when I enter DSN server is required. It happens that Browser or OS cache the result from DNS server… (Continue)

A Tool to Set Amazon S3 Expiry Date

If you also need to set Expiry Date for a file when you manually upload a file on Amazon S3 then you may also find it difficult to get correct date ahead of now. You may be setting File Expiry Date 1-2 years in advance. Date need to be valid… (Continue)

Window Essentials: Set of Free Essential Software from Microsoft

Window Essentials constitute few software which are at it for the work. It constitute important software free of cost - Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, Messenger, Mail, Live Writer, MS SkyDrive, and Family Safety. Window Essentials are not much advertised so many people do not know. As soon as you… (Continue)

Free Anti-Virus with Window 7: Window Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials are for users who have genuine Window 7 installed on their system. I saw till date many people are not aware of such anti-virus Software from Microsoft. So, thought to write about it. Microsoft has worked on the basic of security for home users. It was always… (Continue)

Online IPad Simulator – a Tool

Many times you need to see how your website or blog look may in iPad. For that buying iPad is costly affair. You may be very interested or not about how your website look in iPad depends on type of website you are running. For non transactional website everything fall… (Continue)

Easiest way to Track Links click and Usage

There are various tools and applications available for tracking outgoing link tracking or tracking which link used how many times. Few methods for tracking link clicks are mentioned in my old post. Here is the simplest method I feel to track the click and usage of any link on your… (Continue)