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Rewritten HTML encoding tool for Blogger

Today I have written HTML tool for blogger. It was earlier in PHP and now it is in JavaScript. HTML encoding application written in PHP was converting converting &, ", ', for posting codes online. I intended to do that in JavaScript. It can be simple as just searching each… (Continue)

PHP Extensions List

PHP has lots of extensions and many are loaded by defaults based on PHP version you are using. I was just reading about this PHP function get_loaded_extensions(), which gives you list of PHP extensions loaded in your installation and thought of writing this post. To get list of available PHP… (Continue)

How to Display Broken Images in Firefox?

Firefox does not display broken image. If image has alt attribute set then Firefox will display alt text otherwise if will not display anything. IE display cross marked image when image is broken, when image cannot be found at the source. Firefox does it all for making the web page… (Continue)

Junk Character Problem with ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) Encoding

Here is a rumbling about the Junk characters that appear from time to time on page due to wrong settings on editors or for other reason. Take this text for example: Europa im Mietwagen bis zu 15 % GÜNSTIGER Große Tour – große Ersparnis! Here is image of the above… (Continue)

Translate and Text-to-Speech Hindi Tool by Google

Google has launched text-to-speech for Hindi language. You know that Google already has a translation tool for many languages including Hindi Language! Now, Google has added one more advanced feature that is Text-To-Speech. And of course it is free of cost. You do not need to be on your computer… (Continue)

New Rss Feed of Web Scripting

I have recently changed RSS feed address from boring/long to short URL. In feedburner you have facility to create new feedburner address and use new feedburner URL. Old address can be pointed to newly created feedburner URL address. There is a facility to set window period of deleting the old… (Continue)

Google Custom Search Ajax API – Few more Examples

Here you will get few more examples of Google Custom Search Ajax API. If you are new to custom search engine then you will think how it will look and how to use various search hosting options Google has provided in Custom Search Engine. So, here you will get glimpse… (Continue)

Google Ajax Search API – Description and Example

Want to add Google Search in your website or blog? Google AJAX search API is available to add on any website you own. You can restrict the search to the websites you own with Google Custom Search Engine. It can be single site or multiple sites or whole of internet.… (Continue)

Setting Site Restriction to Google Ajax Search API

You can set site restriction to Search Engine created through Google Ajax Search API. setSiteRestriction() is the method using which you can restrict your search to specific site. Method setSiteRestriction('site-address'') can only restrict your search to one site only. If you want to restrict your search result to more than… (Continue)

JavaScript Playground – GreaseMonkey

I think, Greasemonkey is a playground for javaScript. JavaScript will play according to your rule. May be my understanding of GreaseMoneky is not good, but I do not see much use of it as a developer, because I cannot develop it and give it to other common users. Though it… (Continue)