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Fast Load JavaScript and CSS Files

Want to decrease response time of your webpages? Decreasing the size of JavaScript and CSS files is one of the techniques used for better performance of websites. Yahoo Compression tool for JavaScript and CSS is excellent tool for minifying JavaScript and CSS files. It can achieve over 20% compression. I… (Continue)

Few very useful tools for Web Developers

Few tools are very essential for for Web Developers. Firebug is now a platform for many new tools in Firefox to assist developers. You need Firebug installed to install and use those tools. Search on for firebug and you will get lots of plugin, which are dependent on firebug.… (Continue)

FileZilla: Get your desired folder preseleted

When you connect to the remote server and want certain folders listed in local and remote system then you can do setting for fileZilla.Go to the SiteManager -> Advanced -> Mention Local and Remote folder. No need to Click on 'Connect' if you are already connected, just click on 'OK'.… (Continue)

Filezilla: Hide file in the file/folder list

FileZilla is a free, open source ftp client. It is available for both Linux and Window.By default Filezilla shows all the files in the file list. You may not be interested in some of the file types. You can stop those files from included in the list. Do this easy… (Continue)

Play with Unicode characters

Here are few links to convert Unicode characters to code point/Uri percent encoding/decimal NCR etc. 905 represent hex अ in Hindi: Get full details of each character at this site. This link will shows Unicode character "अ" detail. Convert any char to code point/numeric value: Need to use… (Continue)