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Easiest way to Track Links click and Usage

There are various tools and applications available for tracking outgoing link tracking or tracking which link used how many times. Few methods for tracking link clicks are mentioned in my old post. Here is the simplest method I feel to track the click and usage of any link on your… (Continue)

Google Analytics: Track Outbound Links And Special Pages

Google analytics has lots of functionality but it does not provide an easy way of tracking outbound links on click. MyBlogLog provides this functionality is very useful way but that is free only 10 entry each days. That also has restriction on free version that you cannot see report after… (Continue)

Stat Counter/Web Tracking

Just for Information:On Linux system I was using Google analytics, but on Linux system due to flash, analytics was not coming correctly. When I installed stat counter then it given me correct statistics, I got relief that some people are visiting my site. It was the story created when I… (Continue)