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Observer Design Pattern – Usage and Example in PHP

This is another post regarding design patterns. This time it is observer design pattern which is helpful in developing system having plugin facility and subscription based services. I will present example in PHP for Observer design pattern which is taken from Aaron Saray's Professional PHP Design Patterns book on design… (Continue)

Historic Post: Screenshot of my First PHP Project

This is another historic post. The screenshot is of my first PHP application made for MCA project in 2004. I have already posted UML diagrams here. Here RMS stands for Recruitment management system. RMS: Screen Shots /rec/Login.php - Login Page /rec/start.php - Home Page /rec/start.php - JavaScript Menu /rec/frmResumeSub.php -… (Continue)

UML Diagrams – Created for my first PHP Application

This is the Diagram I have prepared for my MCA project. The project was the first one in PHP and MySQL I developed in 2004. I studied very hard to grasp everything about UML and used only that part which was required in my project. But all those work could… (Continue)