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EditPlus Text Editor’s Encoding support

I am using Editplus from quite long time. I use it as it is fast and efficient in whatever it is capable of doing. It is lightweight. EditPlus has very good support of Unicode. It's  encoding facility works very well. It can auto detect encoding of a file and use… (Continue)

Junk Character Problem with ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) Encoding

Here is a rumbling about the Junk characters that appear from time to time on page due to wrong settings on editors or for other reason. Take this text for example: Europa im Mietwagen bis zu 15 % GÜNSTIGER Große Tour – große Ersparnis! Here is image of the above… (Continue)

JavaScript Encode-Decode URL

Why url encoding needed? All NON-ASCII characters need to be converted to %xx value for a url. Spaces and special characters can break the url. Something like "encoding_test.php?q=hello world" need to converted into "firstpage.php?q=hello%20world". Most modern browser do this job most of the time. So, we do not face much… (Continue)

Play with Unicode characters

Here are few links to convert Unicode characters to code point/Uri percent encoding/decimal NCR etc. 905 represent hex अ in Hindi: Get full details of each character at this site. This link will shows Unicode character "अ" detail. Convert any char to code point/numeric value: Need to use… (Continue)

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent

Headers are sent by server for informing client about some of the important details. Those details can be Content type, encoding, cache used and so on. Generally you do not have to worry about this. Sometime user needs to modify header information. Headers are sent before any output to the… (Continue)