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Baffled by Web Industry Job Titles?

Here are Job Titles discussed on CSS Tricks. They tried to describe Job Titles in Web Industry. In their description, they talked about: Web Designer: How websites looks and work by using HTML,  CSS and little bit of JS. FrontEnd Developer: Languages skill matching with above but this job times… (Continue)

Apple’s Guiding Principles for a Better Web Experience

Here is Apple's guidelines for designing Web Experience. Apple has made designing a very important aspect in developing product. Apple is in Software and Hardware product development. Here is Human Interface Guidelines from Apple: Aesthetic Integrity: “Aesthetic integrity is not a measure of how beautiful an app is. It’s a… (Continue)

What is Lorem Ipsum text?

Ever wondered what is the below text and why it is used all over internet. Is it useful for me or not! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque adipiscing elementum tristique. Nulla facilisi. Curabitur vestibulum tempus tempus. Proin eu laoreet sem. Donec vitae felis massa. Mauris non… (Continue)

How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ?

How do you delete the file that is cached on Browser due to future expire header set by your web application? Future expire header is suggested for static content such as image, CSS and JavaScript. These are the contents that rarely change and can be set in future. If you… (Continue)

Google’s secret plan – be a data center of whole Internet

What do you think is the Google's biggest goal. Sure they will say that we are planning to make internet experience and web presence better but how they think of it. What is the single most goal! I think Google want to capture all available data on the internet and… (Continue)

Flock – a social web browser

Flock is a web browser with a difference, developed using Mozilla technologies. So, It is as convenient as Firefox. If you are blogging then it is a must to try for you. It works with most blogging services like Blogger, Drupal, LiveJournal, MoveableType, Typepad and WordPress, and more. Very intresting… (Continue)