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PHP – Darling of Web 2.0

Do you know that many of the top web 2.0 sites are using PHP now. These are example sites using PHP: Wikipedia Digg Flickr Facebook… (Continue)

Web 2.0 Security Issues

Web 2.0 is enriching browsing experience and providing many kind packages in the form of Blog, Social networking sites and other content sharing sites. With lots of facility provided in Web 2.0 sites, there are lots of securities issues as well. Check this good discussion on web 2.0 security issues.… (Continue)

What is web2.0?

How many times you have heard about web 2.0? It is a buzzword in Web Technology from past 1-2 years. Though all tells that it is not a new innovation in itself, all cannot define it clearly. What I think about web 2.0 is that it is all about the… (Continue)