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Few Command-Line Utilities for Windows 7

These few command line utilities are useful tools for Window users. These give power of Linux Operating system without booting to separate Linux System. Clink - Bring bash like features to Windows in cmd.exe. We can paste using ctrl+v, history search, word completion, and more. There are way to extend… (Continue)

Make cmd.exe Smarter on Windows

You can make cmd.exe smarter on Windows. It is very easy and requires you to install very small program called clink. Here is the features list: Powerful Bash-like line editing from GNU's Readline library. Superior path completion (TAB). Paste from clipboard (Ctrl-V). Support for the completion of executables/commands, and environment… (Continue)

Windows 7 (Win7) Shortcut keys and WinKey Usages

Here are few window shortcut keys that are useful for day to day work and those that are not much known to many. These keys are important but commonly unknown to many window users. WinKey + Tab key = To see all open application tiled. Press and leave the Tab… (Continue)

Opentype vs Truetype – Differences

Just few days back we in India, we got Indian Rupee symbol approved by Indian government and so after that we got a font for the new symbol. A company named Foradian has developed the font that has Indian Rupee symbol. Later it added other characters. Rupee Symbol. Indian currency… (Continue)

Window 7 bug: Full brightness after power saving mode

I faced this problem few times in power saving mode. Earlier I was not sure when I encounter this problem. But today I got the problem exactly when I encounter this problem. When power goes off and my window 7 (win7) goes to power saving mode due to that and… (Continue)

Installing Window Fonts on Ubuntu (Linux)

Do you know, you can use same fonts installed on Window for Ubuntu machine and also installing window fonts on Ubuntu is very easy. You just need to copy those fonts files to Ubuntu machine. Copy those fonts (from C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\) to Ubuntu using admin right. Using admin right, create a… (Continue)