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Popularity Contest – A WordPress Plugin disabled

I need to disable a WordPress plugin called Popularity Contest. It send post request on each page view to collect the popularity of a web page. The plugin uses JQuery code to do that."index.php",{ak_action:"api_record_view", ids: AKPC_IDS, type:"'.$type.'"}, false, "json"); With good number of visitors already visiting, this extra… (Continue)

Magic of WordPress

WordPress is having magic hidden behind it. Few magics are related to <script> and <style> tags. Today I have tried both style and script tag. I was aware of problem in style or script but did not remember where it is. When I have entered <style> tag with some styles… (Continue)

Just a quick post about jQuery on Google CDN

I was using 1.3.2 version of jQuery on this blog using Google CDN URL: First this is not very good URL in the sense that few proxy is not good in caching the URLs with parameter. One example is squid. I am not sure about the current version of… (Continue)

Insight into CMS market: Comparison among WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

According to DoNanza report, CMS market is growing at rapid pace. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are taking each other. WordPress is the front runner, Joomla is second and Drupal is next. For high budget projects, Drupal is taking lead. DoNanza mostly represent work from home market share. PHP CMS report… (Continue)

How is this classification of PHP products?

At a place, I saw classification like this Framework: CakePHP , Code Igniter , eZ Components , PEAR, Smarty , Symphony , Zend Framework. Apps: Drupal , Joomla , Mambo , osCommerce , Wordpress. Now just I will take one - Drupal. Don't we say Drupal a framework? Even drupal… (Continue)

New WordPress Plugin: Escape HTML

Many of WordPress users post codes online. Code can be HTML code, JavaScript code, PHP script or any other kind of code, codes need to be escaped so that it can come correctly in web page. I used to use this tool for escaping script for online posting on WordPress… (Continue)

Adding Tweet This Button To WordPress

You may know by this time that Twitter has made simple adding Tweet this button on you site. Adding tweet this button on your blog or website is very easy. It is as easy as adding Facebook Like button. Here is the code I am using, after removing Tweetmeme button.… (Continue)

Website Optimization plugin: Ordering Stylesheet and Javascript

Here I have discussed about one of many ways of Website Optimization and a WordPress plugin that helps in achieving the optimization tips discussed here. Did you ever read about Website Optimization of website/blog through ordering styles and Scripts in head section? If you like your website load in browser… (Continue)