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WordPress Plugins: Used or tested, but deleted recently

This is just a something something post. You may know that I have recently deleted the W3 Total cache plugin and with that changed the CDN used. In the process, I faced some problem and this WordPress: Blank page post was related to that experience.  A problem I faced was… (Continue)

Solution to WordPress Blank Web Pages without error Display

Are you getting blank pages on WordPress without any error displaying on web browser? I got this error when I have deactivated the W3 Total Cache and with that removed subdomain used as cdn. Therefore, I have shifted all the media files to normal upload directly. In the process I… (Continue)

Page Navigation for WordPress

Just a quick post as I understood something important about WordPress famous plugin for paging - WP-PageNavi. My configuration for this was not very correct and it was getting 404 Not found in Google webmaster tool. I think you would not like to see those error in webmaster tool. And… (Continue)

WordPress 3.0 Benefits: Custom Fields

Very recently, I have download the WordPress 3.0 and installed on my laptop and office PC also. Just after downloading, I thought about the new buzzwords going around for WordPress 3.0. and few points attracted my eye were these: - WordPress and WordPress MU have merged. This means we can… (Continue)

How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ?

How do you delete the file that is cached on Browser due to future expire header set by your web application? Future expire header is suggested for static content such as image, CSS and JavaScript. These are the contents that rarely change and can be set in future. If you… (Continue)

Modifying WordPress Comment page for informing commenter

When a commenter comment on a post then you may be queuing it for approval before it can appear on your WordPress blog. In that case, commenter is not getting any feedback about when you are going to approve it, how much time it may take etc. For full time… (Continue)

How to Control Display of Sidebar Content in WordPress

Want to control the display of contents on sidebar? Content can be any widget content or text/JavaScript content. Many times it may happen that you want to display some content on Home page but not on other pages. Or you may want to display a sidebar content on Achieve pages… (Continue)

WordPress Sidebar Widgets – Sidebar Tabs

Here is my experience with Tabbed Widgets for WordPress sidebar. I want to save space on sidebar of my WordPress blog, so searching for a good sidebar tab widget. WordPress Widgets for Sidebar tabs: Fun with tabs: Breaking with my WordPress version (2.9.1) or theme (Which has created trouble). Going… (Continue)

WordPress and Content Delivery Network

WordPress has a nice feature of moving Wp-Content folder to a different place. This can be helpful for Content Delivery Network management. Wp-Content directory include all theme files, plugins and any uploads you have. We can use Content Delivery Network to parallelize the connection in Browser and distribute the loads… (Continue)

WordPress: Add Random Content in Sidebar Widget

Need to add random content is sidebar! Do you have two kinds of content and want to display randomly to visitors? This can also be useful when you have two types of content and both are equally important but sidebar space is not allowing to add both kind of content.… (Continue)