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XPath Tutorial: a go through

Like file path work in window or Linux OS, XPath work for a XML document.  It helps in finding information within XML document. Many items are not described if it matches exactly with CSS selectors. There are seven types of nodes: element, attribute, text, namespace, processing-instruction, comment, and document(root) nodes.… (Continue)

XML in PHP (version 5+)

PHP 5 has many XML extensions. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one to select for our task. Suppose you know some XML techniques and can dive into the XML extension whichever is suitable then you first need to know all the available extensions. I tried to… (Continue)

Get XML Output from MySQL

MySQL can product XML output. Just instruct MySQL to return data as XML instead of sql. Here is how to get XML output from MySQL: /opt/lampp/bin/mysql -uroot -proot --xml -e "select post_title, post_date,guid, post_content from wt.wp_posts limit 50" > /tmp/posts.xml Options: --xml: for xml output --execute or -e: for executing… (Continue)

Last one: Java learning – XML – a rant

I thought of write a post for each hours I learn Java for web development, but that I could not maintain. I hope regular visitors may have found the posting useful. As I cannot post more possibly of my Java learning for Web development so thought to end the series.… (Continue)

XML Paging in JavaScript

I was trying to develop a paging in XML with JavaScript and could write this code. It takes a XML file name as Input and gives five records on each page. No of records can be changed on each page. Check recordPerPage and max variable. I was working on this… (Continue)

Evolution/History of XML

Here is a very short story about history and evolution of XML. A kind of markup language was in use in publishing industry long before the formal markup we know these days. The text that needs to be marked as bold on paper was marked as 'B', so that that… (Continue)

Header for XML content in PHP file

If you output XML content from PHP file, you need to set content-type header, so that your browser know that you are going to output XML content from PHP file instead of default content-type header (text/html). File: php_file.php <?php header ("Content-Type:text/xml"); ?> <your_xml_content> </your_xml_content> You may know, no output (no… (Continue)

YML vs XML Schema Files in Symfony

Schema file is used for defining your database schema for your application. Schema file will generate all the required data structure for you. This schema provides backbone for generating model to Symfony. Schema.xml file allows database specific content declaration for your table. It also allows complex database declaration for your… (Continue)

PHP 5 and XML

Get here a good summary of the differences between PHP4 and PHP5 related to XML. Here you will find the ideas of various APIs and libraries available in PHP5 for XML. Both ext/xslt and ext/domxml have been removed from PHP 4. The goal for XML support in PHP 5 was… (Continue)