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Zend Framework Tutorial: Following another Quickstart

I am following another quickstart tutorial for Zend Framework written by Rob Allen. This tutorial is far better than the tutorial on official zend framework site. I am also little experienced after following super tutorial on Zend Framework so it is gonna easier anyway. I thought to write all commands… (Continue)

Zend Framework: Creating a Form

Finally this Zend Framework quickstart/sample tutorial is over. At this last step of tutorial, I met error in very first command. The first command is: zf create form Guestbook. Error is: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function search() on a non-object in .. when I used this command:… (Continue)

Zend Framework: Create a Model and Database Table

Here is another article based on Zend Framework's documentation about creating model and database table. I have noticed that I am on worst documentation ever I read. Yes, Zend Framework's doc about quickstart tutorial is very badly written. If I remember it correctly then Symfony document was far better. At… (Continue)

Zend Framework: Creating Layout

I continued Zend learning with 3rd page of Zend documentation. It is about creating Layout. In this section, I saw mention about two design patterns about Layout. This layout section introduced one more command: enable layout. C:\xampp\htdocs\ZendFramework\demosC:\xampp\htdocs\ZendFramework\bin\zf.bat enable layout This was giving error. An Error Has Occurred Action 'enable'… (Continue)

Zend Framework – a sample project

Sample project for Zend framework mentioned at manual is easy to create and document is also good. I just need to work on php.exe file PATH. Due to this, the command at the start of document was not working. I have already set the include_path in php.ini for Zend Framework.… (Continue)

Installing Zend Framework – It looks easy

Just thought to see Zend Framework. What is it and how it works! I got few different options of downloading and I have selected the "Zend Framework Full Package". I already have Apache server and I though to use that one instead of new server. Here is a link to… (Continue)