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Convert these characters to html entities. Its effect is like htmlentities() of PHP.

What converted characters will become after conversion:
'&' (ampersand) = '&'
'"' (double quote) = '"' 
''' (single quote) = '''
'<' (less than) = '&lt;'
'>' (greater than) = '&gt;'

Do not convert " and ' characters.

It takes care of already converted characters.

Here is old version of the htmlencoding application. It only convert (&, ", ', <, >).

Blogspot user:
Blogspot user need to convert both single quote (') and double quote (") for using any code in Edit HTML section.
Because Blogspot use strict XHTML and in this case, any above characters are not permitted. For pasting adsense code
directly in HTML section (Edit HTML), this is needed.